A great playlist can either perfect or ruin a moment.

We first realized this on a summer night as we failed to find a song to capture the feeling of crowding around a fireplace to roast marshmallows with our friends. We had tried countless indie songs, but all our playlists were arranged by genre or mood and we couldn’t find the right music for the occasion. With this problem in mind, we realized there needed to be a way to choose music based not just on how we felt, but also on what environment we’re in.

Today, Harana Music has solved that original problem with our moment-matching playlist functions, and we have evolved to become an encompassing music-sharing platform for indie music. Our particular emphasis on indie music allows us to support all the underground artists who deserve more recognition and introduce listeners to music they never knew they’d love. Users can now listen through Harana’s large library of indie music, utilize moment-matching tagging to create their own playlists, listen to Harana-made playlists curated by members of our team, and more.

Harana Music was born out of the simple idea that life is lived through specific events and not just vague moods. Sign up for your account today, and get started perfecting your moments with music.

Meet the Team

David Yan

Lead Writer

Louise Hicks

Marketing Outreach

Want Your Music Shared?

If you are interested in submitting your music to be shared on Harana Music or have any other comments/questions, shoot us an email at discovery@haranamusic.com