'Ciao For Now' is an Indie-Pop Lover's Dream

Matt MaribojocJanuary 12, 2018

With Baseball Gregg's third release, Ciao For Now, the Stockton-based group continues to show off their control over different genres. This five-track EP has an electric vibe that is much different than the band's well-known tropical sound that they have in songs like Pneumatic Girl. While their most recent project may have a new style, it still has the same fantastic quality and vocals that has brought Baseball Gregg success in the past. It's the perfect indie-pop vibe for summer road trips and adventures. 

The diverse styles of Stockton-based duo represents their global influences in their music. The group works from California, but they met in Italy and their work has been influenced by many different genres. 

Ciao For Now opens with Purgatory's Pleasant - an upbeat song driven by vibrant synths and what the group calls a "frantic cumbia-inspired rhythm". It smartly plays with different sounds in order to create many melodies that harmoniously build the track. Next, Food Is Gross is a unique track with its chaotic beat and trippy vocals. The layering of many odd sounds help the track come together into an unexpected way. 

The middle track on the EP is Till the End of Time. The psychedelic and electronica track speaks of escapism. The melodic vocals and instruments create a laid-back vibe that is reminiscent of lazy summer days spent by the pool. Out of the 5 songs, Restless most resembles Baseball Gregg's previous works. The melodic synths are cheerful and give the song a light and feel-good tropical sound. 

Rounding out Ciao For Now is Boston, and it has a completely different style than the rest on the EP once again showing Baseball Gregg's range of genres. In a deep, acoustic song with beautiful vocals, Baseball Gregg sings about Boston, a city that they have never visited, and start to find peace in the world. This song, which is also my personal favorite, is very sentimental and has a beautiful mellow mood. 

Baseball Gregg's latest EP, Ciao For Now, is a fantastic blend of different genres. It represents the band's diversity and hopefully, is only a preview of great things to come. Stay up to date with Baseball Gregg on their Bandcamp and Facebook

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