February Folk Mix (Harana x Beard Music)

Matt MaribojocFebruary 8, 2018

In collaboration with Beard Music, we organized a two-part playlist with some of the best folk and acoustic vibes that are perfect for these last few winter months. Check out the first part here and stream our above or check out our review on each of these songs down below. 

1. Ed Patrick - Eyes On You  

This folk masterpiece has all the qualities that a mellow folk track should have: smooth vocals,  relaxing guitar, and beautiful melodies. London-based Ed Patrick produces some great tracks, and is an artist that all fans of acoustic music should be following.

2. Daniel Champagne - Acland Street

From the captivating acoustic intro to the wonderful storytelling ability of the Australian native, Acland Street has a warming vibe. Captured from a live session, it is easy to tell the level of emotion that was poured into this track. 

3. Your Friend Deej - I fell in love with a postcard

'I fell in love with a postcard' is an endearing little lo-fi folk gem. With very hushed vocals and a melodic guitar backbone, it is very charming and really easy to get lost in the melodies of the track. 

4. Zach Winters - If the Sun is Shining

The raw vibe of this song is very rhythmic and will have listeners tapping their feet to the beat. My favorite part of the track is the brass sounds that complement the vibe so well. The vocals are perfect for a slow sunny morning to set the mood for a good day. 

5. Jack The Fox - Brother

Brother's atmospheric sound, fast paced guitar, and smooth vocals combine to make a song that is super catchy and beautiful. When the kick comes in, the song builds up a rhythm that syncs up with the melodies so well. This is definitely a banger that you can't help but nod your head to. Not to mention the little switch up at the end (; 

6. Jeffrey Philip Nelson - Driving

With a completely different mood than Brother, Driving is a very mellow and relaxing track. Its simplicity with the soothing vocals and fingerpicked guitar create a melodic track that is almost like a lullaby. 

7. Eli Lev - Making Space

We've covered Eli Lev before, but this song is too good not to include in this playlist. One thing that is underrated about Eli Lev is his use of unique instruments and sounds. I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do. 

8. Frances Luke Accord - Something Moving

This rhythmic song combines a moving guitar background with the claps and percussions that make a very raw sound. The amazing sounds and the story told in the lyrics show off everything that I love about folk music. 

9. A Choir of Ghosts - Woods

Woods has a much lighter, fast-paced style. Again, the storytelling ability of A Choir of Ghosts is fantastic and the deep lyrics and vocal ability contrast nicely with the very innocent sounding guitar throughout the track. The drums and strings that come in after about a minute give the song an entirely new level of depth.