Sebastian Roca's Sound is Beautifully Relaxing

Matt MaribojocFebruary 11, 2018

Combining elements of alternative rock and soul, Australian-native Sebastian Roca has created a unique sound. His EP, Parkview Demos, was released a few weeks ago and is a great listen when trying to unwind after a long day. The release has us excited for what he has planned next. 

The EP opens with Drinkin on My Own. Roca's soul influences and soothing vocals are on full display in this track, which is a great introduction to his style of music. With a vibe similar to some of Baseball Gregg's songs, the track's chord progressions and chill beat are all relaxing. 

One of the other must-hear songs on Parkview Demos is Silently. It has a similar sound to Drinkin on My Own with its wavy guitar chords, but the track has more groove and will have you nodding your head to the beat. The vocal and guitar melodies make the track feel very detailed and the talking-breakdown during the chorus is a great touch. 

Every song from Sebastian Roca's latest release is a vibe. Some of the my other favorites from the EP are You, Flowers, and Honestly. With phenomenal vocals and stunning guitar harmonies, Sebastian Roca is definitely a name to watch out for in the future. 

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