Best New Releases That Should Blow Up

Matt MaribojocFebruary 12, 2018

The past few weeks have gifted us some new indie music gems to vibe out to. Artists that we have written about before released new tracks, and there are even some new groups just emerging on the scene. From indie pop to calming folk, there is a song for every music lover. Here are some of my favorite recent releases. Enjoy! 

Marsandaras - Talkin' Back/Talkin' Down

The Sacramento-based pop artist is at it again. With the pop synths and upbeat melodies, this release is the latest song in an amazing discography that features so many other great styles - some of my favorite MARS tracks are the mellow ones such as stick + poke. The unique cadence that he gives his lyrics is so entrancing. 

DUETS AND STUFF - Serve Somebody

Hailing from Sweden, DUETS AND STUFF is a new indie pop duo that just dropped their first song. The melodies from the marimba (I hope I'm right) is a fantastic backbone to the track. The rhythms of the beat combined with the dreamy lead vocals create a very atmospheric and laid-back vibe that I love. For a first release aiming for a minimalistic style, Serve Somebody is very polished and is a very good indicator of things to come. 

deaf dreamer - beach sex

deaf dreamer has really been on the come up. I came across the artist on YouTube and then later on Soundcloud's 'New & Hot' Indie music charts and I'm stoked to see his sounds start to the attention that it deserves. beach sex has a mellow vibe that is ideal for a late night chill session. It's definitely one of my favorite songs on this list so definitely check it out. 

Belle Mt - Made To Find You

The alt-pop sounds of Belle Mt are like no other. In this most recent release, it is a very full track with layers of percussion, guitar melodies, and vocals that create a deep sound that is soothing. I really love the different guitar sounds that come together to form intricate melodies that complement the vocals in a way that allows both elements to stand out on their own. 

Racoon Racoon - Walls

French-duo Racoon Racoon continues to impress with their stunning folk music. In this song, their voices perfectly complement one another and the strings and percussive elements are a great addition to the fingerpicked guitar chords throughout the track. Like many of their other tracks, Walls has a slightly somber mood with deep lyrics. It is definitely a must hear!

aira - floating

I'm first came across aira in her collab with Brandon Eugene Smith on their remix of Sandman. She recently dropped a song on her own with a completely different vibe. Floating has a laid-back style that highlights her melodic voice with its intimate simplicity. With just keys and a basic beat, there is little to distract listeners from aira's talents - and it's perfect that way. 

misfit sorbet - Like No Other

The Chicago-based artist just seems like such a chill dude. His Soundcloud bio reads, "i make whatever i think sounds cool." and his most recent release is definitely a cool lo-fi anthem. My only complaint is that one of the percussive elements in the background sounds EXACTLY like my phone is vibrating and gets me every time. All jokes aside, the combination of mellow vocals and hushed guitar combines to make a gorgeous sound.